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Real Smart cities need to be planned as a massive human-computer interactive system. The new cities will need to “know” themselves through sensors and AI; then, they will need a “voice,” a way to speak to its citizens, their government, and its first responders, a city that cares. It needs a new digital multi-tool, a tool so important that as you forget your phone at home, you don't miss your phone you miss our “City Voice”.

Our 360-degree approach to smart city design and system architecture looks across every aspect of a city's operations for its citizens and visitors and uses our custom technology to improve outcomes. The digital infrastructure of a smart city sets the stage for a network of partnerships all focused on one goal: Creating a smarter city. The result? An urban center that not only leverages technology to improve its own operations but connects with citizens, businesses, and nonprofits in new ways.

Responsive Smart Cities
Buildings seen from below

At IoECorp, we are all urban technologists, and we are often asked to give an example of a compelling smart city application that real people can or will be using. But to be honest, there really isn't too much to point to – yet. Cities may be getting smarter, and more sustainable, but they haven't noticeably changed from a user perspective.

Most of the digital advances in cities are invisible and focused on city operations to achieve sustainable processes. Rather than on the parts of the city that people can see, touch, and use. It's super important that city managers can help make humanity live in sustainable ways, and more accurately predict the likelihood of a building failing an inspection as it creates risks for the citizens. But there isn't a direct, personal feeling of benefit for city dwellers. So it's understandable that some people see it like there hasn't been much progress.

The reason that we, as city dwellers, haven't been wowed by transformative Smart City applications is that Smart Cities are in many ways boring and should be boring. The basis of a Smart City, Smart Society, and Smart Nation is to start living more sustainably, and that is not sexy; it is practical and logical. But Smart City Utilities does not equal the Smart City envisioned.

Healthcare, education, and wellbeing are other factors that play into the goal of sustainability.

Cost efficiency

The Cost in dollars and Time to deploy and maintain a Smart system as a city can be insanely high, we can together explore how clustered edge sustainable computing can be implemented to remove these barriers. We can also discuss how the risks beyond cyber can be addressed, threats such as malfunctioning hardware, malicious injection of data, or the active risks of ransomware and other malware. We can help you understand how transitioning to Eden sustainable computing can help with your deployments.

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