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Secure Military Base

To design a Secure Military Base, we must accept that everything and everywhere needs to be connected. We must start by looking at the base's internal and external connections. We suggest implementing an Overlaying Decentralized Software Defined System (Eden) that overlays existing hardware and protocols so that it utilizes them but are not ruled by their policies. This way, external connections run through secure and permissible gateways.

Eden encapsulates and enables the challenges below, and can be used in other challenge areas, such as Base Security and Defense, Space Asset Resiliency, and Persistent ISR.

Eden solves all problems of current cyber security threats problems by overlaying existing digital infrastructure with a decentralized Software Defined Network so that all current attack vectors and malware are negated. Eden is Post-Quantum secure and provides easy and safe ways to integrate with new technology when released.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality are bandwidth-heavy services, and just a few data packages routed wrongly can make the information incomprehensible. Eden uses an autonomous NeuralNet routing schema, so no fixed routes can get congested. Data consistency is crucial for telemedicine, inspections, and telerobots, where data drops can kill.Autonomous Systems work best with network-based consensus, whether for robots working in swarms or patrolling drones. Eden contains fully customizable consensus functionality.

AI and ML are computing-intensive services when centralized; with a decentralized system and node-based dedicated AI hardware as Intel's compute sticks, learning, computing, and decisions can be made on-premises where needed.

Embedded systems and Smart Structures, Eden was created with massive embedded tech as Smart Cities in mind, with built-in abnormality detection of malicious injected data and broken sensors with erroneous data.

Multi-Layered, Eden uses an optimized gossip protocol to distribute refined information so that it is available from all nodes in the network and not limited to central servers. The information is consistent over the network. Processed data is stored on "Oracle Nodes." Transfers checksum meta-data stored in an immutable quantum-safe blockchain.

Value the solution brings to the military
City view from an aircraft

A future innovative Military Base needs to look at digital service as not just a compliment but as a core piece of the base functionality, a smart infrastructure that is cyber-resistant and easy to upgrade, and future-proof by being software-defined.

Edge solutions lower costs and scales autonomously

All devices in the network are a resource

For example, an autonomous patrolling drone doesn't need to make decisions on its own or rely on a central server farm to make decisions for it. It can instead utilize the power of a distributed cluster of drones and other nodes in the communications range. Patrolling drones will be cheaper to produce and maintain, and by decentralizing the computing, no server farms are needed; all devices in the network are a resource.

For a military base to operate efficiently, current data needs to be accessible instantly, without fail, over the whole base, so there can be no silos blocking the flow of information. Decentralization solves this by the data being available on all nodes in the network by only accessible via the multi-layered encryption system, with the lowest layer being public.

Physical intrusion detection is done at multiple levels. If any sensors start delivering corrupt data, it is flagged, as it could be a jammer. Any deviation from the norm, be it motion, light, or radio traffic, is flagged, and an alert is generated.

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