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What is the value of raw data?

Raw data has low value, just like raw oil; only as you refine them do the absolute values come into play, and we like our refinement to happen close to the source. Moving raw, unrefined data across the Internet makes no sense, as 99% of data in any system will look the same as the second before. Refinement of data to information at the Edge source is the way to go.

Refinement of data at the source
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By a refinement of data at the source, we can live up to the goals of sustainable computing, but we don’t only save power and co2. We also save money, as we don’t need to move the data at cost into expensive cloud providers' servers.

How can we help?

Private Online Gardens with Sustainable Computing inside is how we can help you refine your raw data and find new value.

A higher factor refinement can be achieved in combination with AI and automation.

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