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The right strategy for digital transformation

Private Edge Gardens and AI are the two next great shifts in the technology landscape, and IoE is positioning itself to play a key role in this swift and massive transformation.

We see the Private Edge Garden opportunity at $1 trillion. Most of it is still ahead of us, as less than 5 percent of workloads have been digitally transformed.

Meanwhile, AI's current enterprise deployment rate is only in the single digits; our approach to seize the immense opportunity this represents is platform-agnostic.

Decentralization, Resource sharing with Linux, and Containers are the foundation of our Private Edge Garden platform. The Eden system is our core product, delivering all of these attributes.

We have a vast software portfolio of modern services to run edge-native on the Eden system
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Our expertise is a crucial factor in driving consumption and will be helping hundreds of major clients on their private edge garden journeys. These capabilities are supported by our systems and virtual infrastructure, which allows us to build industry-specific Edens.

Based on this foundation, we are successfully leveraging Eden as a unique platform to address what our global, complex, and highly regulated clients need: an open, flexible and secure private edge garden platform.

Our approach lets clients connect their back office to their front office, modernize mission-critical workloads, build edge-native apps, and securely deploy and manage data and applications across various environments, achieving trust in untrusted environments.

Everywhere you look today, businesses have an acute need for security/privacy, speed to market, flexibility, nimbleness, and continuous innovation. On these, private edge gardens deliver.

Future clients will find that choosing a private edge garden approach is more secure and valuable than relying on public cloud solutions.

Business strategy at the core

To fully utilize the opportunities that private Edge gardens provide, we need to be out there and meet clients. We can not help those that have not heard of us. To Create this helping hand on a global scale, we see our partners as key. The fingers of the hand, if our own sales department represents the thumb of the hand, then the four other fingers represent our partners.

With our new partner and training programs, we are at the starting point of building the inclusive and efficient partner sales, build, and services programs that the future of the digital revolution needs.

Mattias Bergstrom
Internet of Everything Corp

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