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To provide cities with technology that acts on its core and consequently enhances citizens’ living standards, city managers have to plan it as a massive human-computer interactive system. Our solutions can help your city transition seamlessly into a new city capable of “knowing” itself through sensors and AI. Interconnectivity provides the city with a “voice” that can speak to its citizens, its government, and its first responders, a city that cares. We know how to create a new digital multi-tool that becomes so important that when citizens forget their phones at home, they don’t miss them; they miss your “City Voice.”

Our 360-degree approach through our IoE Informed Infrastructure city design and system architecture looks across every aspect of your city’s operations for your citizens and visitors, using our custom technology to improve outcomes. The digital infrastructure sets the stage for a network of partnerships, and all are focused on one goal: Creating a more intelligent city. The result? An urban center that not only leverages technology to improve its operations but connects with citizens, businesses, and non-profits in new ways.

Beyond the applications
City view from the sky

At IoE Corp, we are all urban technologists, and we often see a preconceived future city that is merely constructed on an application. But our view goes beyond it pivots within the city’s infrastructure and uses our IoE Informed Infrastructure to address the city's requirements and its inhabitants. We look at fundamental problems that arise within each part of a city, like potholes in roads or sewer pipes leaks. Giving digitalization answers to these redundant questions that pop up in city management through the empowerment of IoT devices to securely, sustainability, and cost-efficiently solve them.

Through our advisory, digital advances in cities become visible and focused on city operations to achieve sustainable processes that people can see, touch, and use. But to reach this, city managers need a mindset determined to help make humanity live in sustainable ways. For example, more accurately predict traffic congestions, or monitor water and air quality to upgrade healthcare services.

Using our expertise and technological approach, IoE Informed Infrastructure, we offer solutions that make it possible to ignite city utilities to the envisioned level. While also acting on healthcare, education, convenience, and well-being factors that play when the goal is sustainability. A city dedicated to becoming an asset for its citizens, visitors, and businesses, and also for the global carbon footprint.

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Planning a smart service

We want people’s faces to light up when we talk about the things that Smart Cities, Smart Societies, Smart Nations will bring. But that is not happening, and that is because we are telling the story wrong. Intelligent Solutions, be it a city, a nation, or a home, is about creating a sustainable world. That is the driver and should be the driver. That we, through fantastic breakthroughs, also gain some connivance does not mean that it is why we are or should be doing this.

But let’s start from the top. To evolve into solutions that fully realize the potential of the internet, delivering real, tangible benefits to its inhabitants, we will need to solve three things through our IoE Informed Infrastructure 1) We first collect verifiable data through devices. 2) We then process collected data in real-time, and finally, 3) We need to take corresponding real-time action. In short, we need to: See, Think, Do.

If you plan to transform or build a smart city, talk about the See, Think, Do. Let’s look at the opportunities and the risks and how the Internet of Everything can help you achieve your goals.

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