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Cyber criminals

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to steal data and extort money. Data theft and ransomware are happening even to companies and organizations with the best cyber security experts money can buy. So what is going wrong?

Well, suppose your data exists in single or dual data silos. It is easy for the cybercriminals to do targeted zero-day attacks on those silos until they can crack the security and run ransomware software on your data and lock it down. So what do we do? Add more security? There is no defense against Zero-Day hacks, as the patches have not yet been produced.

IoE solves Cyber criminal issue
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The solution is to think outside the box and understand the cyber criminals' methods, attacks, and processes. Their attacks are automated; they run attacks with a cost, so even if they theoretically can attack a site forever, they cut their losses at a certain point. That is, though, for each Zero-Day hack they get hold of, so think of it as a constant business cycle. First, they invest in buying or discovering a new Zero-Day hack that they then invest in integrating with their hacking tools and run towards identified targets. As each of these steps costs money, they constantly optimize for Returns on Investments. One of those optimizations is understanding when to cut your losses.

What is the defense?

So what is the defense? It is about going away from current cyber security practices, don’t have open platforms or APIs, do not use usernames and passwords. Instead, use private walled edge gardens with zero trust architecture and a one-port entry where all access to the edge garden is controlled by encrypted keys and endpoint verification control so that the automated attacks from cybercriminals have nowhere to go. In addition, if you decentralize the walled edge garden, you even remove the attack points.

Using distributed data lakes spread over the pool of devices inside the walled garden creates automatic, autonomous data access and redundancy without the need for APIs and public access.

There you go, we can solve the cybercriminal problem; we just need to think outside the box.

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