Eden brings you embedded AI on a cloudless platform
Raising building value, and creating space people want

Imagine renting or buying a new home where everything works when you step through the door. If you have a digital personal assistant, you can ask: “Hi House, please set the temperature slightly higher.” Your smart home will reply: “I will adjust the temperature.

WiFi is just working, in all rooms, everywhere, malware and computer viruses are a thing of the past, air quality is monitored, fire and gas are detected, and all this, as a commodity; this is what our system is providing real estate and homeowners. And it doesn't stop there; offices and retail spaces can get the same upgrades.

So let's deep dive, how does it work?
Buildings seen from below

Our control System & Gateway is installed at the fuse box; it connects as an Internet of Everything node to the internet. No device inside the gateway is directly exposed to unsecured traffic from the clear Internet.

Smart Hubs are installed behind all outlets and receive the gigabit Internet over the power line, and together the hubs create a WiFi mesh. The hubs sensors everything from temperature to air quality. The Control System and the hubs create a computing cluster, a private edge garden. The system can be constructed with built-in redundancy for both computing and connectivity, if your fiber goes down a 5G connection kicks in so that you should never be without the digital services you need. All the AI and services are deployed on your encrypted private ultra-edge, and except for critical data such as fire and gas, only the approved data is shared externally.

The technology can easily be installed or replaced by any certified electrician, no special education or setup tools are needed, and the system is fully autonomous. The system components can be delivered to a construction site or home, and be installed without any specialist.

“To revolutionize something, it needs to be simple and efficient,” and the Internet of Everything Smart Building technology is exactly that.

Security beyond Cyber

Services such as AI rely on receiving trusted data at all times. Disruptions in data flow or injection of bad data can create catastrophic events. Therefore, we built the IoE Eden system with that in mind, using blockchain consensus technology, we can continually verify the consistency of all data in the system using sustainable computing methods, and thereby guarantee trusted data to Information refinement.

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