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Internet of Everything for the aerospace and defense industry

The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is facing numerous challenges linked to rapidly evolving technologies, and vulnerable supply chains. We help our clients achieve change beyond technology, pushing the boundaries in air and space and safeguarding our livelihoods through capabilities, technologies, and talent.

With markets under pressure, new priorities, and increased customer expectations, the industry needs to adjust to a new and rapidly changing reality. To thrive beyond the immediate horizon, transformation is needed.

To fuel major shifts in the industry, investing in the latest digital technologies is key. It requires the expansion of collaboration of the ecosystem through platforms, improving the supply chain by using refined information, not data, and optimizing growth with sustainable computing and security beyond cyber.

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Security beyond cyber

Security beyond cyber is imperative for large-scale digital technologies as autonomy, AI, and data to information start happening at the Edge. Smart Bases with autonomous drones patrolling the outer perimeter 24/7, communications based on P2P clusters that are take out resistant at protocol levels, a smart digital infrastructure that is self-healing, are technologies for the next decennium, that can be installed now.

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Changing paths through holistic interventions in performance, capabilities, and cost.

Digital Infrastructure planning

New autonomous Edge technologies need new planning, talk to our experts that have been a part of creating the foundations for these new opportunities, and see how autonomous Edge can help you.

Innovation at the core

Change is good, planned and securely executed change is better, the outcome is the goal, the journey should follow a path.

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