Eden brings you embedded AI on a cloudless platform
Technology unlocked, security-driven, sustainability achieved

Going smart can start anywhere; with the Internet of Everything Eden system, you can start small and scale up or start with multiple projects that can later be merged. The classical IT and digital scaling issues do not play in, as decentralization opens up new opportunities in system architecture and design and for scaling and merging of running systems.

End to End solutions
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We provide all the modules you require to plan, develop, deploy and maintain smart services. Our in-house teams are ready to work with your team. We believe that strong collaboration and idea exchanges create the innovative environment that smart solutions require.

How we can help

Planning a smart service

We work with tools like workshops and design thinking processes to refine the service. Think of it as a distiller; we take ideas, wants, and needs and distill them down to a clear service scope.

Our team of experts then adds the regulatory compliance, security and privacy, hardware requirements to the mix, so the scope is ready to develop. At this point, the scope, goals, and objectives can together be referenced as a project master plan.

Working with the Eden platform

Eden is the Sustainable Computing Edge Cloud, the foundation of Internet of Everything. Eden has been designed to optimize long-term costs so that services deployed don't get bogged down by the costs of data and computing. Sustainability can be achieved, and with the Eden system, the cost of computing, transport, and storage has been optimized for money and power so that your smart service will be sustainable from day one.

Developing the service

The goal, scope, and objectives can be clearly communicated to a development team. The development time and costs have been minimized and can be communicated with certainty; project timelines can be nailed down and trusted.

The Eden service development team will be running weekly sprints. At the beginning of each week, a clear status overview meeting will be held. In addition, TestNet will be providing you with ongoing demo and review possibilities for all stakeholders.

Deploying the service

As the service is rolled out, installation of IoT devices can be conducted with our installers or be outsourced to any local firm of your preference. We provide complete installation setup video instructions on our website; a support team is ready to help 24/7 over email or zoom.

Maintaining the service

A smart service does not have an end date and needs to run 24/7 as a user “commodity” and should have zero downtime. The Eden system provides this out of the box, as it is autonomous, decentralized, and load-balanced, but it will still need some maintenance; for example, sensor devices might need to be changed, or a new city block is being built. Therefore we offer an ongoing maintenance service that works together with your local team so that you can always feel safe that the service is always running at top capacity.

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