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Real estate companies have long pursued a consistent approach to value creation: high-quality properties, low cost of capital, and consolidation. However, changes in technology and how people use real estate have significantly disrupted the industry.

Maximize returns for large-scale developments by applying insights on changing community and tenant needs, optimizing capital costs, industrializing and accelerating project delivery, minimizing risk, and ensuring that stable foundations are in place for long-term, sustainable revenue streams.

Security beyond cyber
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IoT installations come with more risks than normal IT

IoT installations have two major risks - passive and active. The passive risks come down to size and speed. In large deployments, erroneous data or slow data are the big risks. Sensors and devices that deliver erroneous data to an AI can create enormous disruptions in the real world. City traffic routing, logistics planning, telemedicine, the list goes on and on with new fantastic services that will enhance our lives and help create a sustainable future.

These services need to be able to rely on the data delivered, the data and information in the infrastructure used by the services need to be verified in an immutable manner. So that autonomous services can be trusted to do their job, as monitoring millions and millions of devices in real-time would be insane to think we can do it using departments.

The key to many services and solutions is speed, real-time or close to real-time is critical, first responder services, healthcare, physical infrastructure all need guaranteed data delivery, moving data to a cloud server center to then move it back to where it is to be used is in most cases, not a valid solution. Data needs to become informed as it is generated, there should be no middle steps. In conclusion, deployments using current infrastructure solutions such as cloud technology, are catastrophes waiting to happen.

The active risks are lead by Cyber-criminals and Cyber-terrorists that are looking at IoT devices and their installations as an opportunity to steal information, extort money and attack national critical infrastructure. One of the most simple but efficient attacks is the Denial of Service attack, a simple way to take out and extort cloud-based services. There is also targeted ransomware, common malware, DNS hijacking, and other tools these criminals and terrorists use. There is one common trait between these attacks, and that is that they in one way or another exploit centralized infrastructure solutions, be it at index, data, service, or user level.

These active risks are not done by some lone “hacker” in a basement, we are talking about sophisticated and well-funded organizations with highly educated staff. To believe that cyber-security in its current form of attacker/defender is going to work when any takeout of data flow or service will be directly and immensely disruptive to our economy, security and lives are to not take these risks seriously.

The Internet of Everything Eden system fully negates these risks. By using data verification via blockchain consensus and data validation by use of sanity checks on AI, bad hardware and malware are detected and managed on the fly.

Performance & Operations Improvement

BIM plus sensors in the field equal a digital twin

With digital twins, you can increase tenant and landlord performance through new business models, revolutionizing smart customer experience, enhanced analytics capabilities to enable data-driven decisions.

Transform real estate organizations through best-in-class approaches in strategy, organizational design, marketing, sales, risk management, capital-expenditure optimization, procurement, and customer experience. We help companies shift and diversify their business models, build new capabilities, and expand geographically.

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