Eden brings you embedded AI on a cloudless platform
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Infrastructure, hardware, and applications, all play in when creating a stable, secure 24/7 running service. At IoE, we have collected decades of experience through experts, developers, and engineers.

Transform your business with value-focused solutions. The IoE Eden solutions connect digital and physical worlds in innovative ways, with breakthrough business results. Digital Twins, product modernization, large deployments are our bread and butter; we can provide innovative solutions and applications on Eden, our Private Online Garden technology.

The business value of IoE solutions
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The physical world—people, assets, plants, supply networks—has until now been “unconnected” to the digital world and therefore largely invisible as a source of insights for business decisions. IoE solutions enable businesses to analyze data generated by sensors on physical objects in a world of intelligent, connected devices. This data can transform your business, revealing hidden patterns and insights that can help you make more informed decisions and take action more quickly.

The above can be done with sustainable computing practices and AI using IoE; new solutions enable breakthrough results and turn your pain points into competitive advantages.

How can we help?

We help companies, governments, and organizations understand how they can benefit from new technologies in large distributed systems; we know scale sustainability, security beyond cyber and large deployments.

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