Eden brings you embedded AI on a cloudless platform
Edge AI Enhancement Audits

We come in and help you audit your products, workflow, or even organization. The audit report will tell how different areas can be enhanced through optimization for profit, cost, or consumer satisfaction. The Internet of Everything AI approach comes with sustainability first thinking, which opens up for carbon reduction and lower power consumption and is inherently cost saving.

Creating new value and enhancing current products
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Create new value and enhance current products using Edge AI; using datasets generated in the field on devices, we can refine the data into new, valuable information. For example, we can use alert and alarm data to predict hardware failures before they happen. We can look at data to find an optimum level of operation. The opportunities are nearly limitless.

Eden Edge Cloud

By using the Eden Edge Cloud, sustainable computing can be achieved so that the cost and power use is predictable and sustainable over years to come.

Our AI product team(s) is not just about crunching data and understanding datasets; we pride ourselves on our End to End thinking of value creation. There is no point in running AI for the sake of AI; it is about the information refining out of raw datasets that provides value. We bring that value.

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