Eden brings you embedded AI on a cloudless platform
Smart system plan & implementation audit

Auditing planned or implemented Embedded systems spans multiple knowledge areas. From understanding real-time necessities and network lagging down to code and implementations.

The digital twin approach
Two person developing concepts on a paper

Our digital twin approach makes it possible for us to help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. By knowing your strengths, you can study what you did there to create that and implement those findings in the weak areas of the system.

Large and massive IoT deployments are difficult to evaluate with current IT knowledge and tools. The focus of IT is far from the focus of IoT, the virtually simulated digital Twin will be able to answer questions and simulate results before wasteful investments are made.

Digital twins eliminate guessing

By evaluating your system with our crew, you learn what your system is capable of - and what it could be capable of. Comply with standards and legal requirements. Approach new goals and check and anchor the company's scope; this provides a powerful dynamic to ensure that you continue to operate successfully in the future.

But does your current system of solutions and infrastructure still meet your requirements? Or is it possibly slowing down your dynamic because individual functions are missing, some modules are inadequate, or other solutions would be much more suitable for your needs?

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