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IoT passive & active risks

Explore how combining creative thinking with Edge technologies like IoE Private Online Gardens is helping enterprises go the extra mile when it comes to sustainability and security.

What's the cost of a data breach?

No matter the industry, security threats are an increasing concern. In IoT the concerns are even higher as any disruptions will impact businesses’ bottom line.

The new active and passive risks that IoT brings are something that we at IoE have worked hard to negate.

Cybersecurity solutions are not enough
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Security beyond Cyber

One of the most important insights is that the current cyber security solutions are not enough, as IoT solutions are not just about breaking into the system. A cyber extortionist can focus on disrupting the system to create customer complaints. So there is a need for security beyond cyber.

Private Online Gardens’ cost-efficiency

Cost of computing

All Industries have the same needs and costs of computing, now as we reach the embedded automation revolution, this is more important than ever. Cost and sustainability are factors that should not be ignored, Private Online Gardens will help you take control of your costs and sustainable computing.

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