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Health and security

Patient booking systems are a start so that if patients and visitors could join hospital data services before they arrived at the hospital site, they can be advised of any hold-ups. They can perform an online check-in, reserve, and pay for car parking in a specific bay close to their destination within the hospital campus. Hospital staff will then be ready to receive them, aware of their imminent arrival.

Our Eden technology can provide ‘way-finding’ or location services information tailored to individual needs, avoiding stairs or busy corridors, if necessary.

In an emergency, the technology could locate and make contact with key personnel such as a cardiologist or equipment such as a defibrillator, in real-time.

On hospital wards, patients and staff will interact with building services via a tablet-style device, or talk to a voice assistant to request services.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) outputs could be altered automatically. Smart lighting set up to align with the circadian rhythms that govern our mental and physical health is of huge benefit: it assists in the recovery process and makes use of natural light making it energy efficient and cost-effective, too.

Security can be enhanced through the use of digital facial recognition technology. This could permit or prevent access to restricted areas, and ensure the treatment of patients only by bona fide clinicians. Subject to the necessary privacy agreements, the technology could be extended to patients and visitors, matching children with parents or guardians for security purposes, for example.

Advanced tools
Inside a hospital
Information is key to higher quality and lower costs

More advanced use cases include tools that can reach down deep into a vast pool of medical records and help doctors uncover trends and new knowledge about disease treatments. Since the 1980s, the cost of everything in healthcare has by far outpaced the overall rate of inflation, most dramatically in the United States and to a lesser but still worrisome level in other major countries. Whether the healthcare system is public or private, or a combination, every country strives for better care at less cost. Information is key to higher quality and lower costs.

Huge benefits

Developing services

Similar to IBM’s CHAS (Clinical and Health Records Analytics and Sharing). We are developing services that can consolidate medical data from multiple systems, and apply language processing algorithms to bridge the language gap that separates us.

This generates two huge benefits

First, individual patient records can be transferred and accessed anywhere in the medical community. It can eliminate redundant testing and procedures when patients visit different branches of the hospital system. It also streamlines reporting and data analysis.

Second, this service system provides a platform for helping medical staff make better treatment decisions. Using anonymous record screening techniques, researchers and clinicians can analyze global medical data to help determine the best treatment for a condition or illness.

As the struggle for higher-quality care at lower costs continues, we all expect to see more innovations on the digital front.

Developing service Edge for clinical domain expertise, administrative systems, security, large-scale integrations, pharmaceutical research and development, websites, and portals for the individual patient is the future.

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