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Tear down your application silos with the IoE Eden system.

Today's challenges call for cost efficiency while adding flexibility and automation with oil and gas technology solutions built on digital technologies. Data to Information refinement from artificial intelligence (AI) helps improve operational efficiency by making processes more predictive, automated, and productive. These insights from data form the basis for building new adaptable workflows that revolutionize how work gets done.

Security beyond cyber
Gas industry with storage tanks

Services such as AI rely on that they receive trusted data at all time, disruptions in data flow or injection of bad data can create catastrophic events. Therefore we built the IoE Eden system with that in mind, using blockchain consensus technology we can continually verify the consistency of all data in the system using sustainable computing methods, and thereby guarantee trusted data to Information refinement.

Edge Data to Information benefits

Securing your systems

Pipelines are one of the most common systems for storing and transporting petroleum products, both liquid and gaseous. Despite their durable structures, leakages can occur for many reasons, causing environmental disasters, energy waste, and, in some cases, human losses.

The Eden system supports the development of a low-cost and low-energy wireless sensor system for the immediate detection of leaks and fatigue in metallic piping systems used for the transport of liquid and gaseous petroleum products in a noisy industrial environment.

The method is based on processing the changes monitored in the spectrum of vibration signals appearing in the pipeline walls due to a leakage or fatigue effect and creates minimal interference with the installed piping system. It is intended to use low frequencies to detect and characterize leakage, to increase the range of sensors, and thus reduce cost and help sustainability by less waste.

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