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Technological Advisory & Cyber & Risk Strategy Planning

IoE Eden solutions for technological transition into new tech approaches like the Internet of Things (IoT) help companies harness the power of IoT to deliver transformative outcomes and tangible business value.

We help apply the infrastructure, hardware, and applications, that all play in creating a stable, secure, 24/7 running service. IoE technological advisory solutions enable businesses to analyze data generated by sensors on physical objects in a world of intelligent, connected devices.

Cyber & Risk Strategy Planning is a crucial part of adopting these new interconnected devices that IoT is offering. IoE’s cyber strategy applies to governments and public services that can work with our Internet of Everything Consulting and Commercial IoT Cyber team.

Our experts provide strategical advisory solutions for organizations to become faster, more innovative, and more resilient to ever-changing threats. We stand alongside you to offer cyber and strategic risk management solutions that can help you focus on enterprise-level risks through a wider lens.

Smart City Consulting and Services
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IoE Informed Infrastructure unlocks technology through security-driven paths, achieving sustainability for cities, transport, and infrastructure. To produce changes within cities for city dwellers to perceive through an infrastructure that offers tangible benefits that will light up citizens' faces.

But to evolve into solutions that fully realize the potential of the internet, delivering real, tangible benefits to its inhabitants, we will need to solve three things:

1. Collect verifiable data through devices.
2. Process collected data in real-time, and finally,
3. Take corresponding real-time action.

In short, we need to: See, Think, Do. Our team of experts has produced an Internet of Everything Informed Infrastructure to solve these challenges.

To better apply an IoE Informed Infrastructure to large IoT deployments, like cities, hospitals, and infrastructure, you need services that coexist as subsystems. We at IoE can help you plan and define your smart services to be released on time and in scope; also a sustainable approach and is easy to keep up to date and maintain.

IoE Informed Infrastructure reliefs services from centralized Cloud Service Providers that forces dependency that ignite risks if there is an energy outage. With our solution, hospitals can continue to use their digital assets as IoE Eden services; all access and computing are managed locally, providing stability, security, and privacy, even when the Internet acts up or the power goes out.

Implementation Planning

Planning is essential for a company, institution, or government to realize goals and objectives, but it is also vital to be aware that plans also can go astray. Therefore, the importance of being able to plan so that you are ready for change is the key that guaranteeing success, even more so when we are talking about digital transformation, i.e., Internet of Things devices deployment.

We have five core pieces to evaluate when we at Internet of Everything plan out IoT installations: Hardware, communications and protocols, environment, security, and organizational structure. We can help you build a roadmap to a successful implementation planning through these core pieces, to seamlessly and sustainably submerge into Industry 4.0.

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