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We are a community of thinkers. We make a lasting impact on our industry and the world. Our scientists and engineers are pioneering the future of artificial intelligence, creating breakthroughs in sustainable computing that will allow us to process information in entirely new power-efficient ways, define how blockchain will reshape online security, and more. We are driven to discover and create.

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To accelerate the transition to a sustainable world through the Internet of Everything.


Our generation is the first to be able not to chase progress at any cost; we are the first because so much progress has been made in so many fields that we now can look back and thank those that came before us. We can be the first generation that achieves global sustainability with technologies that our forefathers could not even imagine. We can be the first generation of humanity that puts us on a path to a secure future here on earth and open up for future generations to explore the solar system and beyond.


Sustainable Computing

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