Eden brings you embedded AI on a cloudless platform
Innovative ideas made a reality with IoE's IoT approach

IoT has some cool stuff going on, but what are the products? Does the default software live up to your needs and expectations? How about Security and Privacy?

We can help you take your innovative ideas around IoT and make them a reality, not just by smacking on a UI to a cloud service. No, we can technically design your whole IoT product to be security & privacy compliant and run on Eden, our sustainable computing Edge Cloud.

Market-winning IoT products and services
Connected hardware components

Creating market-winning IoT products and services requires a rigorous approach to innovating and engineering. We help you by helping your internal R&D with IoT software expertise and improving product excellence so that we can bring the right products to the right customers at the right time.

All companies have a lot riding on prioritizing markets, structuring their innovation and product development processes, allocating R&D spending, and designing their operating models.

Whether they make embedded system software, devices, or Service-as-a-Service applications, they all depend on IoT product innovation and engineering to meet their strategic objectives, navigate increasing complexity in technology and customer expectations, and stay ahead of the competition.

How can we help?

When innovation and disruption happen so fast, getting your products’ development right is necessary. Product development is in sync with a company’s overall strategy; it will reduce R&D costs, drive market fit, and speed new products to market. It can also improve customer satisfaction and help your employees feel more engaged.

But getting there is not without its challenges. Problems with product innovation and engineering can crop up if companies don’t have a clear vision or business plan, don’t allocate R&D spending correctly, or mismanage product development. The costs—including missed opportunities for growth and a weakened competitive position—can be high.

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