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The Internet of Everything Future Mobility brings together cross-functional expertise to deliver leading-edge insight and technologies to help shape the future of mobility-related services for the private and public sectors. We are passionate about leading the change in emerging opportunities for mobility.

Identifying and solving traffic problems
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Mobility ready for change!

Traffic and parking affect our daily lives in more ways than we know, business and wellbeing are intertwined with the problems of traffic planning. We have developed ways to identify the crux at the core of the problem and technologies to resolve the crux so that all traffic can flow.

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Smart city mobility leverages the power of IoT to improve service delivery and optimize the cities mobility.

Here, drivers don’t need to search for parking spots – they receive automatic notifications; waste containers ‘tell’ truck drivers when it’s time to collect waste; there are no traffic jams – smart traffic lights automatically adjust signal timings based on real-time traffic analysis, etc.

The smart city model is used by many organizations for large cities around the world to significantly enhance and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, improve the utilization of city resources, and reduce operational costs.

These examples show what happens ‘on stage’, but what is behind the curtains? We can answer this question, reveal the components that make smart city mobility function and present our concept of future mobility.

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