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Cyber Stability beyond Security

Centralized payment systems and supply chain management create unnecessary risks, unstable networks, ransomware, and malicious denial of service attacks, which will all make a physical store unable to service its customers.

The solution is to use clustered sustainable computing at each location. The IoE Eden system is precisely that and with additional benefits such as built-in zero-trust environment management.

With IoE Eden, each physical location can run as its temporary micro-systems when the primary system is unreachable. The benefits include malware detection by behavior deviation algorithms, dynamic reclustering for the always-up experience, public-private keys instead of passwords, and decentralized management.

Revitalize customer engagement with Store-AI
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Data generation through connected embedded devices allows for more valuable information extraction. New strategies can be derived by improving customer engagement and giving companies tools to maximize revenues or decrease operating costs. Our decentralized platform can effectively measure each dynamic, and improvement points are automatically identified and acted upon.

Privacy protected online retail with Web-AI

Insight to customer thinking

Web-AI is a set of tools generating innovative user interfaces induced with Artificial Intelligence. It allows you to extract user data based on their interactions with the screen and predicts their emotions and behaviors. Not only does this help improve the user's experience, but it can also guide them to increase the website's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This also provides insights into the client's goals while ensuring total anonymity and data protection while banning the invasive use of cookies.

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