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IoE Research is inviting partners to explore beyond horizons with our research

Beyond Institute members enjoy access to IoE Research infrastructure and scientists through the Institute’s research agenda.

Technical staff from member companies, known as scholars-in-residence, have the opportunity to work alongside our scientists.

Together we’re pushing the limits of today’s technologies, developing tomorrow’s computing architectures, and imagining the implications on business and society. Co-located in IoE Research labs in the US and Europe, Beyond Institute research focuses on three themes, with projects led by a dedicated principal investigator and a team of scientists and engineers.

Artificial Intelligence
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As inventors, we develop new AI technologies to help businesses scale their use of AI. IoE is focused on delivering innovations in pattern recognition for automation and detection systems and continually infusing new capabilities from IoE Research into our IoE Eden products and services.

Private Edge Gardens

Our research is related to securing and enhancing businesses' digital footprint with risks managed. Embraces every aspect of IoT cloud and hybrid cloud technologies.

One of the crucial decisions CIOs face today is determining which data will be processed on Edge Gardens and if any should be processed in the cloud. For some businesses, the risks that cloud and hybrid cloud brings makes it a not worthwhile path. IoE inventors developed a technology to intelligently distribute the data processing components seamlessly between devices on-premises, in private edge gardens, dynamic overflow to cloud if needed, and all computing devices in between.

Sustainable Computing

As we use computing more and more, it is essential to consider the impact power use has. Knowing what impact development languages, software tools, and system design have, is becoming increasingly important. At IoE research, we look into everything from CPU to complete systems power consumption; this is especially important to start limiting the wasteful overuse of cloud computing and interpreting languages.

The Beyond Institute is opening up a Quantum technologies theme for research in 2022.

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