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Optimized logistics

Yet most are in need of rapid, large-scale modernization, with operations being slowed down by vessel and truck congestion. Industry 4.0 is not just about factories, but about the whole supply chain. Optimized logistics is a key factor in a globally sustainable world.

Let the Eden system help transform ports into more productive and sustainable transport hubs. Digitally connected and sustainable optimized harbors of the future that will be able to extract useful information from millions of shipments so that delivery of goods happens more efficiently and securely.

Remote control
Containers in a port
AI based data

Smart ports are equipped with sensors, cameras, and devices, fully connected to an Eden system, creating a completely integrated AI-based data to information refinement and communications system.

The information and connectivity allow for remote control of heavy machinery and automated port vehicles, and create a hugely more efficient and secure way of connecting and tracking all shipments and goods.

Automated container weighing systems will reduce weighing times while remote controlled quay cranes will lower vessel completion time, increasing productivity by up to 25 percent.

Security beyond Cyber

Cyber security solutions

One of the most important insights is that the current cyber security solutions are not enough, as IoT solutions are not just about breaking into the system. A cyber extortionist can focus on disrupting the system to create customer complaints. So there is a need for security beyond cyber with blockchain-validated data streams and Zero Trust protocols.

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