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Smart services in the Eden platform

Smart Services can be seen as subsystems of more extensive or even massive IoT installations such as Smart Cities, Smart Hospitals, Smart Infrastructure, and other solutions. The custom intelligent service ecosystem operates on the Eden platform, a decentralized and device-inclusive Command & Control center.

Eden is connected to all buildings, roads, traffic signals, parks, schools, hospitals, businesses, police, fire brigades, and ambulance units in a smart city scenario.

Smart City Citizens can, with their smartphones, access the Voice of the City (portal) for all services, from billing to public information. All-City information, maps, and bus routes are also easily accessed through the portal.

Intelligent services
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Intelligent services combine background technology, data to information refinement, and human-computer interaction with instant access and response requirements.

We at IoE can help you plan and define your smart services, not only so that it is released on time and in scope, but so that it is sustainable and is easy to keep up to date and maintain.

We will work with your team to develop the scope and goals of any innovative services; we can also help make the complete software developers' plans.

Scheduling should be outlined to timelines and deliverables to comply with the project's requirements and have room to adapt to changes and unforeseen circumstances.

How can we help

Smart services with 24/7 always-on requirements create new challenges in computing. The cloud has made a lot of reasonable solutions for many online services such as web shopping and subscriptions.

But the centralized nature of the cloud makes it a bad fit for Smart services. For example, you can’t open the door of your smart home if the connection is terrible. In a smart hospital that relies on the cloud and has a power outage, the emergency power kicks in, but all intelligent services are still down as there is no connection to the cloud.

With IoE Eden services, all access and computing are managed locally, providing stability, security, and privacy, even when the Internet acts up or the power goes out.

So talk to us about your smart services, and let's work together and create sustainable, stable, secure, always-on services.

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