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Smart traffic made sustainable, the amount of raw data that one city intersection produces in just one day is enormous, to refine this raw data into useful information comes with a cost, with IoE Edens tiered AI that cost can be kept at a minimum. Each intersection does an initial refinement locally, thereby limiting the raw data needed to be refined on the next tier. The initial tier is a cluster of the devices deployed at an intersection and the next tier clusters the closest 10 intersections, next can be 100 intersections. The point is that tiered refinement of raw data lowers costs and provides sustainable computing.

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Online Private Garden (OPG) Infrastructure is a deep and broad platform of clustered embedded services that enables customers to run a wide range of applications in a cost-efficient, sustainable, secure, locally available, and high-performance environment. For on-premises requirements, OPG is available with the Eden@Customer solution, behind a company’s private firewall at any location.

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