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Holistic Sustainability is not just about the environment, it is about building business that is sustainable overall. In today’s energy landscape, business leaders recognize that sustainability is fundamental to remaining interesting and competitive. As the energy generation shifts to a more ecosystem-centric model to combat climate change and the unsustainable use of fossil fuels, investing in sustainable energy sources helps engage businesses and people to participate in the change. We can help you utilize the latest IoE technologies to ensure your utility is ready for the new energy ecosystem.

Transition to an AI-first driven company
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We have the technologies to help you transition to an AI-first driven company, and start reaping the benefits of optimizing for a greener future. The IoE Eden system will transform your siloed data into localized data and into Information clusters and extract value using sustainable computing. The data, information, and the system itself are protected by consensus-based deviation algorithms to detect and predict hardware problems before they can wreak havoc. In addition, the deviation algorithms are also trained to detect and isolate malware such as ransomware before it can spread and do damage.

An IoE Eden system

Transition to IoE Edge

An IoE Eden system can easily be integrated and run in parallel with your current system to start, and then we create a transition plan starting with the most critical service components being fully moved over to the Eden system.

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