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Technical Performance

Is your project at the Idea, Proof of Concept, or even prototype stage? We can come in and help you with evaluating the solution. What are the planned hardware solutions? Will they live up to your expectations? Can the software run stable and in real-time? What are the batch computing needs? How sustainable over 24/7 always-on scenarios is the installation? Sensors malfunction detection, malware, and tampering detection. What are the technical risks, and are they covered? Security goes far beyond cyber with IoT installations.

Security Compliance and Privacy
Two person developing application concepts while one of them is drawing on a whiteboard

The security requirements for smart installations are becoming more and more rigid. NIST, FIPS are quickly becoming defaults. At the same time, many industries are developing their requirements specifically for their environments. Our experts can help you evaluate your current and future compliance and help you get certified.

Privacy is a complex topic. It is a balance when it should not be. The data creator should be the owner and have complete control over private data sharing. We can evaluate the privacy of your system and understand how and what is needed to be done to make sure your customers enjoy the privacy they should.


Is your system sustainable? What will it cost to run at full speed for an hour? What about at idling speed? We will explore and evaluate the sustainability of your system over time, what it costs now, what it will cost in the future. We will also determine if there are efficiency concerns with proposed installations, will there be computational waste, will AI be watching empty roads?

Contact us for a complete evaluation of any proposed smart installation, don’t hesitate to make sure that the path you are on is the right one. Let us help you achieve peace of mind.

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