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Published - 01/19/2023|Reading time - 5 min 30 sec

Adapting to growing users' digital needs and demands requires starting digital transformation processes as soon as possible (if it has not already). We can accomplish this by implementing digital devices with the vision of offering more effective services, improving citizens’ experience, and facilitating the decision-making of public administrations.

Within this crucial period of technological adaptation, Public Administrations are driven by meeting their inhabitants' current and future demands. Public Administrations are implementing IoT solutions to provide them with more personalized, predictive, efficient, and accessible services. But what kind of benefits do citizens request from their governments?

Digital Solutions that Citizens Demand:

Citizens look for different things depending on the type of generation to which they belong. However, almost all agree on two key points: public institutions should be able to offer up-to-date and valuable information about their services while accessing them easily and in real-time from any device.

But this is not all. Residents of a municipality also want to enjoy the same advantages and digital experiences that e-Commerce or online banking offers them when relating to their city council. They are looking for an Electronic Administration that allows them to solve their problems and cover their social needs electronically.

Below we highlight some of the public services that would help improve the relationship between both parties:

How IoT benefits Public Administration?

It is clear that for citizens, a modern and connected city means a significant increase in their quality of life thanks to the wide range of possibilities that IoT opens up. What most people don't realize is that a smart city not only betters the life of the citizens but also helps the decision-makers and the government implement the best solutions and effectively manage the city.

The Internet of Things is a group of technologies with enormous potential that benefits citizens and Public Administrations. In the case of institutions, it is also a tremendous advantage since the use of IoT in the city allows data to be collected through sensors and other devices. For example, solve the problem of traffic jams, systematically measure emissions contaminants caused by the mass of traffic, record water quality, know the irrigation needs in green areas or know how many parking spaces are available on your streets in real-time. But what other benefits does the union between IoT and Public Administration bring?

Key IoT Challenges and Solutions

The enormous flow of data generated by the Internet of Things requires Public Administrations to adopt measures and technologies that safeguard the privacy of their citizens and, at the same time, minimize security risks and threats of cyberattacks. To successfully solve these concerns, official organizations must replace their traditional infrastructure with a better one that offers higher levels of intelligence, automation, and security.

At Internet of Everything Corp (IoE), we are developing a system that eliminates these external risks. The Eden System utilizes a blockchain verification network, where all devices and sensors are isolated on a decentralized network making it very difficult for attackers to enter the network.

Public Administration Modernization via IoE Corp’s Eden System

The Eden System is a decentralized, autonomous, portable, secure virtual infrastructure for managing clustered workloads over depos (decentralized pods) and services facilitating declarative configuration and automation. The Eden System is based on scalable device clustering, making adding new devices as nodes easy. This makes it possible for any device to contribute computing resources over an intelligent mesh network so that computing can happen where it is needed and close to where it will be used.

Deploying the Eden System architecture inside administrations presents many benefits for all citizens and institutions to obtain a high level of trust. This is possible because using the Eden System services provides public administration with a reliable and decentralized network that has a high level of security against external attacks, will help save money and time, and is easily scalable.


As the IoT device ecosystems and technologies continue growing, public organizations urgently need to adapt to digitalization and meet the needs and demands of 21st-century citizens. To successfully address this adoption process, they must focus on investing in the implementation of intelligent IoT systems and the installation of sensors in cities, promoting Open Data, raising awareness, and promoting social change in favor of Smart Cities. Including investment in innovative ideas and projects from private companies.

Digitalizing Public Administration is undoubtedly one of the great challenges cities face now and in the coming years. That is why at IoE Corp, we are developing the most secure and reliable IoT network that perfectly meets the needs of both public and private administrations.

IoE EDEN presents an alternative to IoT cloud deployment for IoT devices that generate benefits through informed infrastructure. Thanks to ready-to-use implementations and sustainable computing, a system that operates securely, confidentially, and sustainably across all industry verticals. Offering, for example, automated predictive analytics maintenance that may foresee potholes and traffic jams or share real-time data with emergency personnel.

IoE Corp's EDEN System frees the Internet of Things from the Cloud by transferring it to local Online Private Gardens. Therefore, eliminating hazards outside of cyberspace that centralized solutions are exposed to. It provides businesses with a secure, private, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly platform to prosper in Industry 4.0.

At IoE Corp, we are looking for partners that share our vision of the future of IoT and Edge Computing. In the following link, you will find all the relevant information about IoE Corp solutions and how you, your organization, and your clients can profit from the secure and cost-efficient management IoE Corp provides to IoT systems.


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