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Published - 02/25/2022|Reading time - 8 min 45 sec

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is the service infrastructure that enables the scalability of the Internet of Things (IoT); this is possible because the IoE moves the current Internet services out of the request-response systems and moves it into data lake access scenarios. This means that massive sensors feed data streams into a data lake where services, AI, and users collect from it to display, refine or use.

Being it so, Internet of Everything Corp (IoECorp), with the aid of Quantum1Net, is offering the Eden System solutions that provide a structured platform complying with three primary risk threats. These sensor risks are the fact that all businesses, corporations, governments, and institutions are aware of — sensors breakdown when in the millions, creating three basic malfunctions:

· Broken or dead sensors.
· Incorrect data transmission to AI (Artificial Intelligence).
· Bad actors access.

To overcome sensor breakdown, IoE Corp’s Eden System offers groundbreaking solutions for IoE and subsequently to the IoT, by forming a decentralized infrastructure. A solution that creates a DID (Decentralized ID) for broken or dead sensors to ignite an alarm to indicate the necessity to change the sensor. At the same time, by being a decentralized structure, the failure does not act upon the whole system. The same procedure is implemented in the scenario of a sensor injecting incorrect information into the AI system.

The above malfunctions have an “easy” fix, which is simply changing the sensors when broken or dead, rearranging the malfunctioning sensor that feeds incorrect data to the AI system, or replacing the sensor in the worst-case scenario. The breakthrough Eden permits lies in the capability of being decentralized, which gives the system a quick and easy-to-fix solution without substantial side effects. Something a centralized infrastructure is not capable of achieving.

In the case of bad actors accessing, the scenario can be very different for obvious reasons. What needs to be known is that these cybercriminals are getting ready to act upon the millions of sensors required to provide the IoT devices. Devices set within all industries and private homes, actioning smart cities, smart homes, and smart hospitals. Great potential for cybercriminals to create enormous havoc within all levels of society — economically and socially. An Internet-based decentralized End-to-End service platform as IoE Corp Eden solves it.

What is the Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a concept that is building up through the on-growing Internet of Things implementation and is currently still an obscure proposal. A situation that derives from the similitude it has with IoT, and as such, it has to be defined within Industry, Social, and Nature ecosystems.

In simple terms, the main difference lies in the fact that the Internet of Things acts upon devices, and the Internet of Everything revolves around four basics:

1. People: People connections to achieve relevant and valuable inputs.
2. Data: Conversion that provides intelligence for better decision-making.
3. Process: Optimize information to reach the right person (or machine) when needed.
4. Things: Devices connected for intelligent decision-making, i.e., IoT.

Grounding the Internet of Everything in these four pillars (people, process, data, and things) transcends into real-time approaches that create actionable results on the go, unlike the Internet of Things, which offers interconnections between devices but doesn’t permit actioning these on a real-time basis.

Thus, IoE’s primary goal is to create a network capable of connecting devices and people, collecting data, and processing the data when it is needed:

· Definition of the Internet of Everything (IoE) — “bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before-turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries.”, (Cisco, 2013)

To achieve such a performance, to process and communicate holistically, the Internet of Everything requires reconfiguring the current technological infrastructure. This change is essential because of the exponential rise in the data flow from the four interconnected points, which was predicted to alert many private and secure vulnerabilities.

A classic example of the potential infringement of privacy and security is Nike’s wearable fitness bands, which read a person’s vital signs, and sports apparel and gears embedded with chips that track the performance of Athletes. This example also explains the way companies can influence other industries, as in this case, the healthcare industry, by applying the innovations IoE provides.

The Eden System, consciously built for the IoE

At this time, there are big-tech giants providing cloud services, incorporating IoT, AI, and other products and services. Which begs the question — How can IoE Corp Eden even think about competing with these tech dragons? The secret to IoE Corps’ success lies in the deep understanding of the Internet’s structure and how it has constructed the Eden System consciously for the governance of the IoE. The big tech companies currently leading the way within the cloud service and its solutions have acquired them through a centralized web service.

A fact that injects into the possibility of a genuinely human-tech-first approach significant obstacles that the technological dragons cannot tackle. It is even more so when it comes to the IoE, and the number of connected devices (IoT) required to transform a city into a smart city or healthcare institution’s data into secure communication tunnels. The Eden System acts upon these issues at a ground level, building a unique infrastructure focused on services and products for governments, businesses, and private entities to feel secure and at a competitive level.

Therefore, Eden System is a fast, scalable, easy-to-use, sustainable, decentralized, and quantum-safe platform providing all the key factors that the IoT needs through the IoE infrastructure. As such, it gives eco-friendly solutions that strive to offer a future where technology communes with mother earth and, at the same time, creates better social transformation.

Given the above explanation of what makes Eden System a groundbreaking solution for the Internet of Everything, implementing our technology into industry verticals means that security vulnerabilities, such as distributed denial of service (DDoS), malware, ransomware, and phishing, can be detected and isolated. This is possible because IoE Corp’s Eden architecture is truly decentralized, a functionality that can detect these cyberattacks entering the network and alert it to disable the infected node.

As Eden System is decentralized, it can continue working without the infected node, balancing the power input through the other existing nodes, giving the network the stability needed for industries to thrive, and creating trust for businesses to continue. The architecture is designed to perform at the edge, an edge computing platform that doesn’t require data movement from its location to a server center. A process that permits real-time data to reach the right person or machine and as data to information, assuring actionable inputs when received.

The Internet of Everything Market

Having an Eden System implemented into your business will help you reap the benefits of an ever-growing Internet of Everything market share that is predicted to reach US$14trn by 2023. An ample market share that is acting on industry-specific uses cases like:

-> Smart:
        · Grid
        · Buildings
        · Farming
        · Factories
-> Management:
        · Medical
        · Wealth
-> Next-generation retail bank branches
-> Physical and IT security
-> Digital malls
-> Connected marketing & advertising
-> Digital signage
-> Business process optimization
-> Virtual attendants
-> Connected:

        · Ground vehicles
        · Payments
        · Gaming and entertainment
        · Private college education

The Internet of Everything will produce, to the companies that implement the technology, benefits that come from five primary drivers:

1. Increase productivity and decrease cost:

a) Selling General and Administrative (SG&A) expenses and Cost of Goods Sold (CoGS) reduction by improving the business process execution.
b) Capital efficiency improvement.

I) Examples of businesses benefiting are smart buildings and factories, reducing travel costs.

2. Employee Productivity:

a) Labor efficiency improves.
b) Productive person-hours can decrease or increase.

I) Examples of this benefit come through the future of work (telecommuting), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and mobility.

3. Supply-chain and logistics efficiency:

a) Improving the process efficiency.
b) Reduction of supply-chain waste.

I) Examples encompass Smart grid energy efficiency.

4. Innovation:

a) Improve the speed of Research Development and Engineering (RD&E).
b) Creating new business models and sources of revenue.

I) Examples of these are a faster time to market and Nike’s input into healthcare.

5. Customer experience:

a) Customer lifetime value improvement.
b) An increase in the market share due to a rise of more customers.

I) Examples surrounding these advantages include connected marketing and advertising, and education.

Other important aspects that have to be taken into account with the reality of the Internet of Everything (IoE) when discussing the market potential is the Market Key Segments, which can be divided into three major categories: Components, Industry verticals, and Geographical.

The components that have the most considerable influence in the IoE market are the hardware, software, and services. The industry verticals, government, retail, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare, IT & Telecom, manufacturing, energy & utilities, transportation & logistics are some of the industries that will gain from IoE.

As for the geographical movement of the Internet of Everything in North America, the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico are obvious candidates. In Europe, countries like the UK, Germany, France, and Russia are quickly adopting IoE implementation. Asia-Pacific countries include China, India, Japan, and Australia, and countries in the LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, and Africa) regions are also beginning to adopt IoE.

Many opportunities are becoming available for those who embrace the change and enter the Internet of Everything implementation. That can be done in a sustainable, secure, private, efficient, scalable, and seamless manner with IoE Corp’s Eden System.

These are some reasons that make the Eden System a groundbreaking solution for the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the importance IoE is having and will have in the coming years.

Quisnet is a Salt Lake City-based company with a mission to accelerate the Internet of Everything and merge with Quantum1Net, a top-tier research, and development Silicon Valley and European-based company. That has brought to life Internet of Everything Corp to lead the way towards a sustainable and brighter future for technology to become a trusted partner in the well-being of humankind and our home, planet earth.

You can learn more about our Eden System here or by contacting our team of IoE experts. Don’t be a late beginner; with IoE Corp, you’ll be one step ahead of the crowd.

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