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Published - 02/11/2022|Reading time - 8 min 16 sec

Internet of Everything Corp (IoECorp) and its Eden System solutions ROCK! We have constructed a groundbreaking network that services the Internet of Things emergence with viable, human-first-approach solutions to help all industries. We are changing the way, diverting from the stagnant centralized equation, and entering the realm of decentralization focused on the Internet of Everything (IoE) and functioning at edge computing level.

A foundation that promotes the individual within the IoT ecosystem, nurturing security, and scalability, within an earth-friendly environment. Forming a network based on achieving helpful solutions to rock all industries and setting the people at the forefront of our proposal. We bring to the table cutting edge technologies that strive to assure trust using the IoE as the pillar of Industry 4.0, Smart City construction, and Space-Age discovery.

This is why IoECorp is not about billionaires, it is about peopleaires. A place where the person comes first! We rock ‘n’ roll the system to construct one that allows individuals to be safe, eco-friendly, and manage their day-to-day private and professional lives inside trusted data walled gardens (Eden System). As such, our Eden System solution grows through an Internet of Everything decentralization via edge computing and using blockchain technology.

Being part of this network empowers the users, industries, and institutions to form a network curated to their specific needs. We put the solutions required by each industry in the center of our services and build on these, rather than offering already built solutions that first and foremost are designed to enrich the rich. We want YOU to ROCK with US at the same level of understanding.

Let’s construct the best solutions for YOUR business to ROCK your industry and thus making YOU a pioneer. Let others follow your path and through the way, presenting your corporation, city, institution, and/or nation as a thought leader. Acknowledging our solutions towards a smart city, smart house, smart institution, or smart nation opens the doors to a human-first-tech approach that will ROCK your world. Enter the Internet of Everything edge computing decentralized network, be part of the change!

Eden System for Aerospace & Defense ROCKS

The Eden System technology performs its security beyond cyber! It is imperative because large-scale digital technologies as autonomy, AI, and data to information are starting to happen at the Edge:

- Smart Bases with autonomous drones patrolling the outer perimeter 24/7.
- Communications based on P2P clusters that are take out resistant at protocol levels.
- A Smart digital infrastructure that is self-healing.

These technologies, with expectations to perform the next decennial, can be installed now. Internet of Everything Corp implementing its Eden System makes it happen and this is why we ROCK!

IoE Corp in the Automotive industry ROCKS

The Internet of Everything Future Mobility brings together cross-functional expertise to deliver leading-edge insight and technologies to help shape the future of mobility-related services for the private and public sectors. We are passionate about leading the change in emerging opportunities for mobility.

It is a reality that traffic and parking affect our daily lives in more ways than we know, and business and wellbeing intertwine with the problems of traffic planning. We have developed ways to identify the crux at the core of the problem and technologies to resolve the crux so that all traffic can flow. This is why IoE Corp technology for automotive management ROCKS!

Retail will ROCK with IoE Eden

Centralized payment systems and supply chain management, create unnecessary risks — unstable networks, ransomware, malicious denial of service attacks, making a physical store unable to service their customers properly. The solution is to use clustered sustainable computing at each location, the IoE Eden system is exactly.

In addition, benefits such as built-in zero-trust environment management, giving you an IoE Eden where each physical location can run as their temporary micro systems when the main system is unreachable. The benefits that make IoE Retail ROCK include:

- Malware detection by behavior deviation algorithms.
- Dynamic re-clustering for the always up experience.
- Public private keys instead of passwords.
- Decentralized management.

IoE Eden fuels the Energy & Utilities’ future

We have the technologies to help you transition to an AI-first driven company, and start reaping the benefits of optimizing for a greener future. The IoE Eden system will transform your siloed data into localized data to Information clusters and extract value using sustainable computing.

The data, information, and the system itself are protected by consensus-based deviation algorithms to detect and predict hardware problems before they can wreak havoc. In addition, the deviation algorithms training detects and isolates malware such as ransomware before it is able to spread and do damage.

An IoE Eden system can easily be integrated and run in parallel with your current system to start. Then we create a transition plan, starting with the moving of the most critical service components over to the Eden system. We ROCK! Don’t we?

Governments secure citizens ROCKING our Eden System

It is a government's duty to ensure the safety and security of its citizens, this includes multiple areas that can be cost and efficiency optimized, such as buildings material tiredness monitoring, water, and air quality, transportation, and logistics.

The artificial intelligence we are talking about is data to Information refinement, and the information extracted from this refinement process will not only be a response system telling when something is happening. It will also be able to predict and suggest a response before the event occurs. This technology guarantees the safety and security of your citizens beyond the digital.

The transition to the Eden system is a scalable one, which we recommend to start with small critical specifications. Once these first specifications are wrapped into our system, other solutions can be studied to implement to your government’s digital structure. Offering these services assuring citizen security and scalable implementation can help you ROCK your city, region, or country!

We can also ROCK many other industry verticals with our groundbreaking ease-of-use technologies, such as:

- Healthcare: In essence, Eden System offers greater security infrastructure eliminating:
1. Defense against distributed denial of service attacks because Eden System is fully decentralized, therefore DDoS attacks are mitigated, for there are no centralized points to takeout.
2. Detection of Malware trying to replicate itself to other nodes, by verifying data traffic between nodes over a blockchain, thus, malware can be detected and the infected node identified.
3. Bad data and bad player detection using verification and sanity checks on data entering and transported on Eden System.
- Oil and Gas: Remote locations like Oil Rigs are prone to be affected by latency when operating on centralized solutions, a problem that can create unstable situations. This can cause huge safety issues for the platform and the workers. One of these is concerned with pressure management during drilling and the kick phenomena, which is an influx of gas or fluid in the well, indicating the well is becoming unstable. To control this type of issue, sensors need to detect the kick and decentralization enables to bring the processing power on location.
- Construction: In the same way that the kick phenomena, in oil rig platforms, need swift decision-making, construction sites also rely on the detection of dangerous situations. For example, when workers enter spaces that are producing toxic gases, thus, quick alerts need to be activated, and if the construction sites are thousands of kilometers away from a server center, the alerts can come too late.
- Real Estate: The industry’s priority to offering smart housing technology is the security and privacy of their customers. As we have seen, centralized solutions are vulnerable to cyberattacks with potentially costly privacy outbreaks, which can create real estate agencies to lose customers’ trust and thus revenue loss, and future business proposals.

IoE Corp’s Eden System ROCKS!

IoE Corp’s Eden System is a decentralized, autonomous, portable, secure, virtual infrastructure for managing clustered workloads over depos (decentralized pods) and services that facilitate both declarative configuration and automation.

We ROCK because when we looked at the development of Internet web services, we noticed one limiting factor for the future. The issue is that you always need to move the data to a centralized point, this works great for web services that are inherently centralized. But for future massive IoT or mobile App solutions, it does not make that much sense to move data from a load of devices to a central point and then move the data back out to the devices again.

Once detected this flaw, we based Eden System on a decentralized model based on scalable device clustering, where it is easy to add in new devices as nodes. Making it possible for any device to contribute computing resources over an intelligent mesh network so that computing can happen where it is needed and close to where it will be used. We then developed quantum-safe tunnels using polymorphic encryption keys and used a blockchain with consensus to verify the data moved between the nodes over the tunnels, thus creating trusted data walled gardens.

The orchestration of computing and storage is done via service manifests that describe services rules, policies, and logic, the underlying orchestration mechanics is managed by an autonomous knowledge-based AI using network consensus over the blockchain as a deciding mechanism. The cluster topography is dynamically updated by the orchestration to fit the current workload.

Eden System also ROCKS because it is not a traditional, all-inclusive PaaS (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) system. Instead, Eden System is a secure walled garden solution that operates at the service level rather than at the hardware level. It provides some features common to PaaS and IaaS offerings, such as deployment, scaling, and load balancing.

However, IoE Corp’s Eden System is not monolithic, and these default solutions are optional and pluggable. Eden provides the building blocks for building and deploying service, but preserves user choice and flexibility where it is important.

If you want to learn more about how our IoE Corp’s Eden System can ROCK your business and pave the way for your company to become a leader, you can contact us or read more about our solutions.

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