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Published - 04/03/2023   |   Reading time - 8 min 27 sec

The world is connected more than most people know. The concept of multiple devices "speaking" with one another and sharing data to enhance daily life or improve a city's infrastructure isn't something you can only see in a futuristic science fiction film anymore. Instead, this is a reality today with more devices sharing information and enhancing many aspects of life, finance, and industry. This interaction of connected devices is known as the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and encompasses many different technologies, from the highly complex to extremely simple.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things describes a network of physical "things" (objects) like software, sensors, devices, and other technology which connect and share data amongst themselves and other systems via an internet protocol. It can be anything from everyday household goods like a thermostat to advanced industrial machines used in the manufacturing process of electric vehicles. Whatever it may be, billions of these IoT devices are connected and being used today. As the cost of technology platforms and physical hardware continues to reduce, that number is expected to reach over 20 billion by 2024.

What Technological Advances have made IoT a Reality?

The concept of connected physical devices isn't a new one. We've been using these since the invention of the telegram, phone systems, or the first interconnected computer system. Once humanity realized things could be embued with electricity to operate and perform functions a person could not with their hands, the shift in using "energy connected" devices was underway. A few critical technological advances have propelled IoT's potential and the IoT economy forward.

Common IoT Devices & Applications

The most common IoT devices in circulation are used by most, if not all, of us. The smartphone you carry in your pocket, the Alexa on your kitchen counter, smartwatches, and smart thermostats are easy examples to spot around your home. Usually, anything labeled "smart" refers to a piece of technology using the internet of things. Even if we consider something broader like "smart construction," we're referring to an enhanced construction process through the advantages of using embedded AI and IoT. The most beneficial areas of using IoT and embedded AI are:

There are many other uses of IoT, and will undoubtedly be more use cases as this technology becomes more widely adopted. Only time will tell how far embedded systems will come and what benefits they can offer citizens, governments, and the planet.

Risks of Using the Internet of Things

No technological advance comes without risks, especially in this era of digital warfare and cybercrime. IoT has many advantages but also has some security vulnerabilities not seen in legacy technology. Bad actors and cyber-terrorists need a point of attack to remove, dismantle, or install malicious software into connected systems. For large IoT installations, every single sensor and device along the chain is a potential vulnerability point for attack from hackers. The greater the number of IoT devices that exist, the greater the number of attack points that can be exploited.

For this reason, security is one of the most critical components to get right in any embedded IoT installation. Data corruption is one issue, but an ever-great hacking risk is completely shutting down an essential system servicing large portions of a population. If a hacker shuts down an energy utility in a particular area, the service area of that utility will have no power. This can be especially dangerous during global conflict and war, unlike what we see now in the Ukrainian conflict.

What is Security Beyond Cyber?

Blockchain is a new technology allowing a secure environment to protect critical IoT systems, data sets, and outcomes. Blockchain is a ledger system. Every block on the chain must contain the same data sets, or they will be quarantined from the main chain, preventing a single node that has been hacked from corrupting or infecting the entire system.

Why Partnerships are the Way Forwards

The Oxford English dictionary defines a partnership as:

"The state of being a partner or partners. An association of two or more people as partners." A "partner" is defined as:

"Either of a pair of people engaged together in the same activity."

When considering adding AI, IoT, and machine learning to your business, industrial application, or service operations, working with a technology partner is the way forward. Let's look at it this way, say you operate an elevator management company. You install elevator systems in new construction projects and oversee their care and maintenance. Does your elevator system company really have the capacity to develop and perfect a proprietary smart elevator system management platform? Likely not.

It takes hundreds, if not thousands, of person-hours and highly trained engineers and developers to make a system like this possible. But you would have no problem offering your customers the enhanced operations and reduced maintenance costs that come with the right smart elevator system platform. Therefore, finding the right partner who has already developed a platform you can easily install in your elevator control systems is the only way to make this possible.

Eden, a Platform for Embedded Systems

Internet of Everything Corporation has developed the premier platform, a true ecosystem for embedded IoT systems, known as Eden. Eden isn't like other platforms. It is the first sustainable decentralized & distributed, peer-to-peer, autonomous, self-healing, blockchain-verified artificial intelligence software for extensive data-driven installations (like a smart city).

Eden provides affordable solutions for the most demanding edge architectures:

Become an IoE Eden Planet Partner Today

As Eden gets rolled out, we are looking to team up with qualified technology partners to work together towards a common goal, improve workflows and decrease costs simultaneously. Eden is now open for partnership application. Please fill out the short form, and an IoE crew member will be in touch shortly to learn about your specific needs and understand where Eden can help solve the pain points you currently have.

Apply here, and let's make the world a better place. With Eden, Now You Can.


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