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Ola Brising

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Published - 03/30/2023|Reading time - 4 min 25 sec

How can a smart city become economical, sustainable, and secure from cyberattacks? The answer is not blowing in the wind but can be found in IoE Corps Eden, a system that revolutionizes embedded AI and IoT usage.

A smart city is a municipality that uses Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public, and improve the quality of government services and citizen welfare. The UNDP definition reads: "Smart cities use technology and innovation to improve the urban environment - leading to improved quality of life, greater prosperity and sustainability, and engaged and empowered citizens."

Often, a smart city's primary objectives are to improve the well-being of its citizens, reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency. With over 70% of the world's population predicted to live in cities by 2050, smart cities are becoming increasingly important for ensuring a healthy and safe environment for all who live, work, or visit them.

By using Internet of Things (IoT) devices, embedded AI, sensors, platforms, data-sharing systems, and smartphone apps, smart cities can improve the quality of life for their citizens. These IoT devices can be used across a wide range of applications run by embedded AI, such as tracking air quality, accessing real-time traffic information and street lighting, monitoring water quality, collecting waste data, integrated transport systems, and more.

The carbon emission issue and the Cloud

One major issue our society needs to tackle is the carbon emission footprint. Cities are a driving force, as recent studies show that the 100 highest-emitting urban areas account for 18 percent of the global carbon footprint.

Unfortunately for the digital revolution, known as Industry 4.0, IoT devices deployment is also giving rise to specific issues. Actuating on the carbon footprint, thus, forcing research and development to look for answers to provide a sustainable IoT deployment.

Heat, reach, and power are the three limiting factors for IoT device deployment, and its root comes through a centralized web infrastructure. Within this centralized network, Cloud services are storing, processing, and analyzing IoT, and these Cloud services are evidencing particular vulnerabilities when it comes to producing optimized IoT workflows.

Centralized infrastructures are naturally vulnerable to cyberattacks. As monolithic networks, cybercriminals and cyber terrorists can focus on one central attacking point for DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), malware, ransomware, or phishing. In the long run, it becomes an unsustainable solution that can create havoc risks producing late and unreadable data.

The core of Cloud storage is both uneconomical and unsustainable since large workloads of data always have to be transported back and forth between different nodes and the Cloud. The energy cost becomes gigantic when put to use in a system producing Big Data, such as a smart city.

Informed infrastructure - an alternative solution

At IoE Corp, we opt for a decentralized solution instead. Through our Eden System, we create what we call an Informed Infrastructure.

A smart city must operate as an extensive human-computer interconnectivity system. Smart cities must "know" themselves through embedded sensors and AI analytics and have a "voice" to communicate with inhabitants, government agencies, emergency personnel, transportation crews, and other participants in day-to-day city life. And IoE Corps Eden takes a complete 360-degree approach when planning intelligent city architecture and design. This creates an Informed Infrastructure.

Using blockchain technology with no central point of attack, polymorphic encrypted keys, quantum-safe tunneling, and edge computing (a distributed computing platform that functions locally), security and efficiency are critical elements in the operation of the Eden ecosystem. Since Eden is a separate layer (medium) on the core internet, it's not connected to the World Wide Web, and no cybersecurity is needed. It offers security beyond cyber.

In Eden, the orchestration of computing and storage gets done via service manifests that describe service rules, policies, and logic. An autonomous knowledge-based AI manages the underlying orchestration mechanics using network consensus over the blockchain as a deciding mechanism. At last, the orchestration dynamically updates the cluster topography to fit the current workload. Eden system service depos are generated and deployed similarly to container images; the depos are MPI cluster enabled from the start.

Implementing these innovations into embedded AI and IoT devices aids in keeping the energy and cost levels of computing sustainable. It adds a viable option to the data centers that must constantly readjust to maintain a reliable and safe operating system that complies with sustainable computing requirements.

Furthermore, the decentralized edge architecture of Eden is hugely beneficial in the installation and scaling process necessary in a smart city containing thousands of connected parts.

Become a Planet Partner

The 360-degree approach through IoE Corps Informed Infrastructure city design and system architecture looks across every aspect of your city's operations for your citizens and visitors, using our custom technology to improve outcomes. The digital infrastructure sets the stage for a network of partnerships, and all are focused on creating a more intelligent city. This leads to an urban center that leverages technology to improve its operations and connects with citizens, businesses, and non-profits in new ways.

The answer to the question of how to implement an economical, sustainable, and secure smart city is not blowing in the wind, as in the old Bob Dylan protest song from the 1960s. It's right here in front of you and called Eden. To benefit from Eden, sign the application form and become one of IoE Corps' influential Planet Partners.

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