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Published - 12/01/2022|Reading time - 8 min 13 sec

Smart houses are gradually becoming a reality and igniting the business that derives from it, an industry 4.0 led by the irruption of the Internet of Things and the coming Internet of Everything. But these business ventures have specific characteristics set on the closing tables, fundamental factors to input the trustworthy label to acknowledge the business. One of the major pillars driving the smart housing business is the security issue for the people who live in them.

Some fundamental changes have to be deployed to delete the constant fears from the business, and as we at Internet of Everything Corp understand it, these have to come through tech solutions that put the human first. A stamp that the major IoT companies have obviated due to their business plan, which forms through a centralized solution and who aren’t acting on the necessity of a well-designed edge platform Internet of Everything basis.

Our people-first-tech approach grounds its foundations on a decentralized network, incorporating transparency and immutability by using blockchain technology. Anchoring smart housing into these two fundamental solutions grants smart house users secure paths and, at the same time, ownership of their data. Promoting these groundbreaking solutions into the smart housing sphere accelerates the trust required to achieve a sustainable and scalable solution.

Actioning our human-first approach via Eden Systems provides a resilient network to cyberattacks, data mining, and a green solution. These are the basics of IoECorp innovative housing business solutions, presenting to the household real and tangible services advantageous for those who live in them. Eden System is a groundbreaking technological solution based on the human-first approach to ignite an IoE decentralized framework where humans, as individuals, thrive.

So by basing Eden on a decentralized model grounded on device clustering, where it is easy to add in new devices as nodes. Making it possible for any device to contribute computing resources over an intelligent mesh network permits computing to happen where needed and close to where it will be used—a solution revolving around the understanding of the Internet of Everything being at the Edge level.

In addition, we also developed quantum-safe tunnels using polymorphic encryption keys and utilized the already mentioned blockchain that offers consensus to verify the data moved between the nodes over the tunnels, thus creating trusted data walled gardens. Therefore, the fears and doubts that arose from the centralized version are knocked down by Internet of Everything Corp’s Eden to enter a new way of perceiving what a smart house business model should be.

How does our Eden System boost business in Housing?

Apart from the security issues indicated, Eden System also adds to the business value because of its easy installment. Our control System & Gateway installation goes in the fuse box. The internet connection is an Internet of Everything node, resulting in no device inside the gateway directly exposed to unsecure traffic from the clear Internet.

The Smart Hubs installation is behind all outlets and receives the gigabit Internet over the power line; together, the hubs create a Wi-Fi mesh. The hubs sensors everything from temperature to air quality. The Control System and the hubs create a private ultra-edge cloud computing cluster.

The system can be constructed with built-in redundancy for both computing and connectivity. If your fiber goes down, a 5G connection kicks, giving the house the reliable digital services you need. All the AI and services deployment sets are on encrypted private ultra-edge, and only the approved data is shared externally, except for critical data such as fire and gas.

Another vital factor in a business model is that the technology can easily be installed or replaced by any certified electrician. Bringing down costs because no special education or setup tools enter the equation, and the system is fully autonomous. The system components follow the same path and can be delivered to a construction site or home and installed without any specialist.

· Simplicity and efficiency are vital for revolutionizing, and Internet of Everything Corp’s Eden System is precisely that.

Is Smart Housing, currently, really that important?

A business model bases its structure on profits, which comes through ROI; this is why innovative services and products bring many doubts. A standard process because there is no benchmark to track the business potential. But looking at our groundbreaking technology and understanding what customers look for is fundamental.

As such, there is a recent survey reporting that 86% of millennials would pay more in monthly rent for a unit with automated or remotely controlled devices. Other interesting outcomes from this survey include that:

· High-tech door locks increase rental prices for 55% of Millennials.
· Smart home features raise rentals to a fifth for 20% of Millennials.
· High-tech apartments prioritize parking space for 44% of Millennials.

Considering this and adding our Eden System to the equation provides sufficient data to see the smart housing business as an actual business model. One that isn’t a futuristic Sci-Fi prediction resembling Blade Runner, but a present opportunity to take advantage of.

The IoT devices deployment is a reality, and Internet of Everything Corp is here to help accelerate the process within a secure, sustainable, efficient, and flexible architecture. Our human-first approach translates into coming home to a house where everything works when you step through the door. A digital personal assistant ready to fulfill your daily needs in a friendly manner:

You: “Hi, House”
House: “What can I help you with.”
You: “Please set the temperature slightly higher.”
House: “I will adjust the temperature.”

A house Wi-Fi that functions throughout, and malware and computer viruses are a thing of the past. A home monitoring air quality, fire, and gas, all of which are a commodity; this is what our system is providing houses and homeowners.

A house that keeps you informed, secure, and, if necessary, actuates to help your healthcare necessities—offering telemedicine communications and control systems adapted to your specific needs, ensuring that this sensitive data is secure.

Actioning IoT benefits today with IoE Corp’s Eden System

Applying the groundbreaking technology that IoE Corp’s Eden System offers, actions today IoT devices’ deployment within homes. Smart appliances that are already in the market, but not orchestrated by a decentralized IoE like ours, therefore opening vulnerabilities in terms of security and privacy, as well as latency issues, are:

Control and monitoring

Obviating the vulnerabilities that come with current solutions, the deployment of IoT devices within homes provides higher standards of control and monitoring. These come through data collection from, for example, fridges that can alert of dated products or add ones that need replenishing to the shopping list.

Cost and energy savings

In the same way, IoT devices control and monitor home appliances; they can also control electricity, water, and heating. Operating these devices to function to the use the homeowners give them, thus, turning off electricity when the house is empty. These functionalities provide cost and energy savings to the homeowners, leading to a 15% decrease in monthly electricity billings.

Environmental impact

Consequently, monitoring and curating energy usage within households also benefit the carbon footprint. Making the smart home also a sustainable energy production unit that works on precise use, therefore pumping the least environmental footprint to the ecosystem.

Better security

The number of resources in the market for security within an intelligent home is ample, being able to monitor one’s home from another country through video surveillance. Automatic locks are also services available, helping homeowners control their entrance doors. These security measures provide the user with peace of mind when leaving on vacation or going to the office.


These smart appliances, sensors, and devices are designed to offer the end-users extra comfort; an intelligent home becomes a friend, doctor, housekeeper, house cleaner, and active handyman—indicating possible malfunctions to activate a response before greater harm is done.

Smart housing business is IoE decentralized

After the above explanation, we hope you can see the potential of investing in IoT deployment through our technology. Giving you the possibility to lead the way and thus reaping the revenue is a reality with IoE Corp Eden System. Leaving behind the burden of current solutions that ignite cybercriminals and cyberterrorists.

IoE Corp Eden System is prepared for today and the future, offering investors, contractors, homeowners, real estate agents, etc., a decentralized architecture that orchestrates the acceleration of IoT devices deployment on a global scale through the Internet of Everything.

Giving you a brief technical approach to what IoE Corp’s Eden System is, we can state that:

· Eden System is a decentralized, autonomous, portable, secure, virtual infrastructure for managing clustered workloads over depos (decentralized pods) and services facilitating declarative configuration and automation.

A model based on scalable device clustering makes it easy to add new devices as nodes. Any device can contribute computing resources over an intelligent mesh network so that computing can happen where it is needed and close to where it will be used.

As for security and privacy, we developed quantum-safe tunnels using polymorphic encryption keys and a consensus blockchain to verify the data moved between the nodes over the tunnels, thus creating trusted data walled gardens.

The orchestration of computing and storage is done via service manifests that describe services rules, policies, and logic. An autonomous knowledge-based AI manages the underlying orchestration mechanics using network consensus over the blockchain as a deciding mechanism. Among other benefits, Eden System provides users with:

· Defense against distributed denial of service attacks — As our Eden System is fully decentralized, DDoS attacks are mitigated because there are no centralized points to takeout.
· Detection of Malware trying to replicate itself to other nodes — By verifying data traffic between nodes over a blockchain, malware can be detected and the infected node identified.
· Bad data and bad player detection — A service is possible by using verification and sanity checks on entering and transporting data on Eden System.

You can learn more about our groundbreaking technology by contacting our expert smart housing team or reading our Smart Housing Solutions. The IoT devices deployment is at its beginnings. Stay ahead of the curve with Internet of Everything Corp and become a leader in your industry.

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