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Published - 02/10/2023   |   Reading time - 4 min 57 sec

Often there are only fractions of a second between gold and silver. After years of hard training and intensive preparation, this is a sobering reality in the fight for medals. As in other areas, sports competition is getting more challenging each year. So how do you get the winning advantage? With the Internet of Things (IoT).

More and more athletes rely on IoT technologies. Digitization is now permeating all areas of competitive sport, from clothing and equipment to athlete training methods. Sensors and apps monitor performance and record training status. With sophisticated data analysis methods, the athlete gains new insights into how to outrun their opponent. In the business world, it is very similar: we apply IoT technologies to monitor and increase the performance of industrial assets, especially critical systems. We use data analytics to improve customer satisfaction.

South Korea offers fans a high-tech experience

Everyone benefits from digitization. Today, fans worldwide experience major sporting events more intensely than ever before. South Korea presents itself to the world as a high-tech nation: high-speed internet, ultra-high-definition (UHD) videos, 360-degree images, or so-called "ghost skis," etc. This digital entertainment technology is bringing unforgettable moments to sports fans' screens. Exciting technology will also be offered to viewers at the venue. Robotic guides escort visitors, AI-based translation systems avoid communication difficulties, and autonomous buses transport crowds monitored by drones, to name a few examples.

Digitization serves visitors well and ensures a sporting experience that has a lasting effect. Not surprisingly, according to the latest report from the International Federation of Robotics, South Korea has the highest concentration of industrial robots globally (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Number of installed Industrial robots per 10.000 employees in the manufacturing Industry 2016

Athletes, but also cities, are protagonists

At events like the one in South Korea, not only the performance of the athletes is in focus. Host cities are keen to use this stage to position themselves, as major cities worldwide compete for business, talent, and investment. Guiding crowds of hundreds of thousands of spectators to multiple venues is a very complex challenge. In comparison, the day-to-day challenges a city's infrastructure has to cope with seem almost child's play. The eyes of the world public are on the host city, and it cannot afford any breakdowns, whether in public safety, transport infrastructure, or energy supply.

Every event rises and falls with its infrastructure. Connecting systems like access control, digital signage, building management, and transportation systems to open IoT platforms like MindSphere can optimize operations and resource usage. Real-time data on traffic volume or energy consumption makes it possible, for example, to provide visitors with up-to-date information and thus guide them away from congested routes.

However, the benefits of this data go beyond avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring public safety. Industrial apps for analyzing energy consumption, evaluating performance, or predictive maintenance can contribute to lower costs and higher income. Individual apps should increase the availability of the systems, plan necessary maintenance work more efficiently, improve safety, and simultaneously reduce operating costs.

Cybersecurity as a critical factor in public security

At every significant event, ensuring public safety has a top priority. While the Internet of Things can contribute to this through intelligent video surveillance and monitoring and control solutions, networked systems can also be vulnerable. To protect these systems, uniform standards for cybersecurity are particularly important. A significant step towards strengthening the issue of cyber security is the Charter of Trust, signed at the Munich Security Conference.

Technology helps us perform at our best

Whether athletes, fans, organizers, or the host country and city: the expectations and demands are immense for international sporting events. Digital technologies and solutions can give us the leadership we need to win in sporting and economic competitions. Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky coined the phrase "skate where the puck goes." It fits perfectly with the extraordinary achievement of South Korea in hosting this mega-event using IoT technologies.

But digitization also gave us some memorable moments. Everyone had to smile seeing the ski bots driving down a slope elegantly without a human operator. IoT is already making people better skiers, but robots still have much to learn.

IoE Corp's Eden Garden for the embedded sport industry

Internet of Everything Corp has developed a solution for all needs in the sports industry. IoE’s Eden is a comprehensive platform that integrates IoT and AI technology which can revolutionize the way sports are managed, played, and experienced. The platform provides a seamless experience for athletes, teams, fans, and organizations. Therefore, making monitoring performance, enhancing the overall experience, and optimizing operations more straightforward.

With features such as real-time data analysis, injury prevention, and performance optimization, Eden is designed to help athletes reach their full potential and take their performance to the next level. The platform also gives fans a more immersive experience, as they can access real-time data and statistics. Overall, Internet of Everything Corp has created a solution that can be applied to revolutionize the sports industry and enhance the way it is experienced by everyone involved.

Internet of Everything Corp's edge-breaking technology

IoE's EDEN Private Garden presents an alternative to IoT cloud deployment for IoT devices that generate benefits through informed infrastructure. Thanks to ready-to-use implementations and sustainable computing, it is a system that operates securely, confidentially, and sustainably across all industry verticals. It offers automated predictive analytics maintenance capabilities that may foresee potholes and traffic jams or share real-time data with emergency personnel.

Internet of Everything Corp frees the Internet of Things from the Cloud by transferring it to local Online Private Gardens. Therefore, eliminating hazards outside of cyberspace that centralized solutions are exposed to. It provides businesses with a secure, private, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly platform to prosper in Industry 4.0.

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