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Published - 01/12/2023|Reading time - 6 min 25 sec

There are several threats associated with the internet of things (IoT) implementations and understanding them is becoming increasingly important as technology develops and the world, including factories and products themselves, becomes connected. Organizations around the globe are considering all the potential hazards and attack vectors related to establishing an industrial IoT deployment or integrating existing technologies for automated and remote monitoring or access.

This article will show you some of the main dangers associated with Industrial IoT (IIoT), from stealing critical information to device theft or compromising vital infrastructure systems like energy and water.

What is industrial IoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a network of interconnected industrial devices that can occasionally be found on everything from large production equipment in factories to tiny sensors inside manufactured goods. Typically, these sensors are employed to gather data on the efficiency or performance and transmit it back to a central source.

Why is Security critical?

A breach in an industrial IoT environment can be dangerous. Depending on the application, ranging from the compromise of the product you create or harm to your industrial controls even to the loss of important information required for running your business or the production of a device.

Consider a physical object, such as bolts. An attacker could easily cause connected bolts to fail if they obtained access to the network for your bolt manufacturing facility and modified the machine parameters. For example, they could alter the parameters that control the strength of the bolts, causing a product malfunction and resulting in a fatal accident as bolts along the network disconnect and fail.

Although the hazards differ based on how your firm uses IIoT devices, the threat remains the same. Protecting your company and the customers using your products must be a priority.

Risks associated with industrial IoT

A variety of risks are associated with security breaches in IIoT:

When a malicious actor obtains control of an IoT endpoint device or sensor, it is known as device takeover or hijacking. Often, the owner does not realize a cyberattack has taken place, and their system has been compromised. If ransomware or malware compromises an endpoint or IIoT sensor, the device's behavior may be under a bad actor's control. This is particularly troubling if the device's endpoint has automated capabilities, controls production (like the bolt example), or manages the operation of an internet-connected product in the field.

This may frequently occur if you don't correctly upgrade your IoT devices (firmware & hardware). This could also be the beginning of an assault targeting every endpoint of your network and getting access to your centralized network.

There are several opportunities at the device level when connecting outdated or older technology to the network, which may not be able to be upgraded at all.

Internet of Everything Corp (IoE) is developing a system that eliminates these external risks. The Eden System utilizes a blockchain verification network, where all devices and sensors are isolated on a decentralized network—making it very difficult for hackers to enter the network.

Information siphoning targets the data being transmitted by an industrial IoT device rather than an end-user, similar to an "eavesdropping" attack. Attackers in this scenario eavesdrop on network traffic returning from the endpoint device to the main network to obtain data they shouldn't have access to.

In highly regulated industries like defense, healthcare, banking, and aerospace, this specific form of assault is of particular concern when the data your industrial IoT device is sending is particularly sensitive or may be an issue if it reaches the wrong hands. Whether it is sensitive banking information or users' social security numbers, it can be detrimental to governments, businesses, and citizens.

It is especially troubling if the device transmits data that could give a competitor access to crucial intellectual property.
In this case, the sensitive information mustn't leave the companies server. Thanks to the decentralized network-based Eden System, all vital information will be stored securely and far away from those with malicious intentions.

Another frequent risk with industrial IoT devices is the possibility of a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) against all devices or the internal network itself.

In this scenario, attackers may get access through the device or centralized network and then saturate the endpoint devices with so much traffic that they cannot carry out the intended task.
In essence, a breach like this ultimately reduces the use of industrial IoT endpoint devices.

This is crucial for businesses that depend on those devices to be operational for manufacturing to continue or for products to perform as intended. A security solution that entirely conceals the device from the outside world is critical.

In this case, an attacker could access the central network that stores sensitive and vital data by exploiting an industrial IoT device as a doorway. Due to the legacy technological issues stated above, many industrial IoT devices have an incredibly extensive attack surface, making them an ideal target to utilize as the "doorway" to more extensive corporate networks.

Attackers can simply use them as a way to gain entry to your enterprise network, reaching access to data you are looking to keep protected. Including personal information about the workers or clients of the company, sensitive or confidential information essential to how the business and partners operate, and financial data.

Theft of endpoint devices is another frequent worry, especially with devices out in the field. This risk increases when endpoint devices store sensitive data that may be problematic if it ends up in the wrong hands. IoT implementations typically protect themselves from this threat by avoiding storing sensitive data on the devices themselves.

This issue refers to the ability attackers have to stand between an industrial IoT endpoint device and a cloud or centralized network while "pretending" to deliver data on behalf of the device. The communication generated from an endpoint device should be of particular concern if it could be used to modify production data or manage a product in the field.

Consider the above-described bolt manufacturing case. Manufacturing defective bolts can arise if an attacker posing as an industrial IoT sensor supplied back fake data that changes the calibration or manufacturing procedures of the production machinery or machines.

In this situation, a blockchain-based security solution like Eden's can establish a root of trust, Enabling the network to determine, without a doubt, if the information is coming from an actual endpoint device or another source.

Best 2023 solution to keep your company secured and updated:

Explore the security dangers your company will need to manage when you consider starting an industrial IoT deployment. Being aware of these dangers shouldn't prevent you from taking the initiative. It will allow you to choose a deployment approach that will help you reduce them.

IoE EDEN introduces an IoT Cloud Alternative to deploying IoT devices that spark benefits through informed infrastructure. Thanks to ready-to-use implementations and sustainable computing, a system that operates securely, confidentially, and sustainably across all industry verticals. Offering, for example, automated predictive analytics maintenance that may foresee potholes and traffic jams or share real-time data with emergency personnel.

IoE Corp's EDEN System frees the Internet of Things from the Cloud by transferring it to local Online Private Gardens. To eliminate hazards outside of cyberspace that centralized solutions expose when raw data is transported to server centers and back to the source by storing, processing, and sending data in real-time 24/7. It provides businesses with a secure, private, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly platform to prosper in Industry 4.0.

In IoE Corp, we are looking for partners that share our vision of the future of IoT and Edge Computing. In the following link, you will find all the relevant information about IoE Corp solutions and how you, your organization, and your clients can profit from the secure and cost-efficient management IoE Corp provides to IoT systems.


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