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Published - 12/29/2022|Reading time - 4 min 51 sec

Tech serial entrepreneur Mattias Bergström promises to power up IoT. He has a vision of accelerating the transition to a sustainable world through his company IoE Corp.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that's come to be used to describe the ever-growing networks of physical things that are online, connected, and capable of communicating and sharing information with us and with each other. In 2023, it's predicted that more than 43 billion devices will be connected to the internet. They will generate, share, collect, and help us to make use of data in all manner of ways.

Though, in the hyperconnected world, it's not only "things" that are connected but organizations, people, and other systems as well. Instead of IoT, we are now talking about the Internet of Everything (IoE), a network of connections between smart things, people, processes, and data, with real-time information flowing between them.

This is the focal point for R&D company IoE Corp, which is working on overall solutions for the era of IoE. The vision is to both create a tool for global sustainability and, at the same time, guarantee security beyond cyber. The key to their success lies in the deep understanding of the core Internet and how that correlates with IoE services through Human-Computer Interaction implementations.

Serial entrepreneur Mattias Bergström, lead product architect of IoE Corp, says:

– "The internet is not the web! Put a break on claims like "replacing the internet" when you are talking about the content layer of the web. Web3 is, for example, not at any point touching the internet. Web3 needs the internet to work. Our idea is to create our own web layer on the internet, which is not connected to www. Because building massive IoT and IIoT is hard. Exposure to disruption risk is exponential with the number of devices. The solution is to cluster the devices with self-healing and load-balanced peer-to-peer (P2P). "

IoE Corp emphasizes the results and value gained from managing many different connections. It's not just about generating troves of big data or machine-to-machine (M2M) interactions. At least as much has to do with securing that data, respecting privacy concerns, and intelligently managing it with the various tools available. Still, many fail to comprehend the depth of these requirements or think it costs too much to learn what's necessary to design a product properly.

Common pain points with developing smart devices, such as a lack of human resources or budget or regulatory and security concerns around storing and protecting data, must all be accounted for without cutting corners during development. This is true for international mega-cap companies and startups alike. All must carefully account for security, scalability, interfaces, and user experiences.

Many IoT project teams focus solely on either software development or integration with communication elements. However, a full 360-degree view of a project involving hardware requires thinking outside the box. IoE development requires teams that can handle all elements needed, from software to communications to hardware, and remain flexible throughout the process as technological needs emerge.

On the contrary, this is precisely what IoE Corp does. They have a 360-degree view. Their advanced team of top programmers has dealt with the whole food chain of aligned problems, and they have an alternative solution. Instead of centralization, they work with a decentralized system through blockchains, letting smart things control each other through a peer-to-peer network that is not connected to the world wide web. This is why IoE Corp talks about security beyond cyber.

– Cloud service providers have created many benefits, especially for complex web services like subscription management. However, there are places where this tech is a bad fit. We at IoE Corp understand that for massive IoT deployments, the Cloud is unsuitable, Mattias concludes.

He pinpoints:

– "One of the most important insights is that the current cybersecurity solutions are not enough, as IoT security is not just about keeping someone from breaking into the system. A cyber extortionist can focus on disrupting the system to create customer complaints. So there is a need for security beyond cyber with blockchain-validated data streams and Zero Trust protocols."

What IoE Corp offers is a line of revolutionizing new solutions for IoE. For example, instead of storing data in Clouds, IoE Corp wants its customers to store it in private, secure walled gardens. They have developed Eden 1.0, their own content layer on the internet.

Mattias explains:

– "The beauty of Eden is that now, instead of just having programs running on servers, we have intelligent clusters out there where a single service runs on gossamer threads over many sources and creates a new sort of service on the edge and within online gardens."

The goal is to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world, a world where massive IoT for an informed infrastructure also can run peacefully without constantly having to fear the threat of cyberterrorism.

IoE Corp already provides a simple, affordable, accessible End-to-End solution for IoE services. This can soon be implemented anywhere, be it sustainable smart cities, apartments, buildings, AI, healthcare, or car firmware updates.

If Mattias visions and dreams come true, the sustainable future will become a reality sooner than anyone can imagine, and that will happen through the amazing technological possibilities that IoE Corp provides:

– "Our generation is the first to be able not to chase progress at any cost. We are the first because so much progress has been made in so many fields that we now can look back and thank those that came before us. We can be the first generation that achieves global sustainability with technologies that our forefathers could not even imagine. We can be the first generation of humanity that puts us on a path to a secure future here on earth and open up for future generations to explore the solar system and beyond."

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