Our growing mounts of garbage worldwide are a sickness to our societies and ecosystem, an incubator of diseases and environmental damage. A concern that is understood by Internet of Everything Corp (IoECorp) and in which we can lead the path to making it a real asset. This perception is not new, and countries like Sweden and Norway are taking action.

The Internet of Everything Corp’s vision is to provide a clear, easy, and fast path towards assuring the re-thinking of garbage, to transform it into a commodity. We are able to prompt this transformation through our technological solutions that ignite a human-tech approach, where individuals can gain from the action of recycling.

In this sense, we provide tangible benefits for individuals who are conscious about garbage and at the same time grab the attention of those who perceive it as a waste of their time. In practical terms, this is achievable through our network, QNet, because of its decentralized foundations that run and store data on a quantum safe blockchain.

Actioning IoECorp’s solutions, e.g. the blockchain, offers an immutable, fast, cost-efficient, scalable, and sustainable tool to keep track of garbage for individuals, institutions, governments, and corporations. Subsequently, creating trusted data walled gardens, for the users to be able to access their garbage track records.

Simultaneously, this path also leads to a more sustainable planet that drives towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). IoECorp is here to lead the way on the road to achieving a better present for us and a better future for our children. We are building the foundations that the 21st century requires to heal our planet.

An achievable goal that relies on the Internet of Everything (IoE) to conduct the way through the use of a well-designed Edge Computing platform. Distributed computers/nodes that transmit data through a quantum-safe blockchain and at a decentralized level, brining also the advantage of lowering the carbon footprint of the current technological centralized industry.

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