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At CES demonstrated how our decentralized P2P core computing fabric uses Consensus and AI to detect, isolate and remove malware from critical IoT systems. We injected Ransomware and Viruses, and in real-time showed how we negated them in city infrastructure.

Security Beyond Cyber


We also demonstrated our Embedded Clustered AI. Refining raw data into valuable information and context is more compute-intensive than one IoT device can manage. We showed how, by utilizing the clustered compute power of an IoT installation, we achieve supercomputing power in real-time with fractional cost.


Did you know that the average compute system wastes nearly HALF the power it consumes, and servers lose approximately one-third of their power as heat? If you are interested in learning more about how we can reduce the unnecessary use of bandwidth and server capacity, while simultaneously taking advantage of smart device resources, sign up. We can amplify these benefits, with high performance on small devices and efficient data synchronization – making clustered edge computing the most sustainable solution for IoT.

Power Aware Load Balancing

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